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Damage Repair

If you have had an animal in your home or another structure, chances are they created a mess and damaged the structure. Wildlife can damage your property in dangerous and expensive ways. Squirrels can chew through your electrical wires and create a potential fire hazard. Raccoons can remove weak screening and become unwanted guests in your home. Bats can fly into your attic and make it unsafe and unsanitary with their bat guano (droppings). Did we mention squirrels and raccoons leave droppings, too? Once the problem animal is removed and we have done the proper exclusion to make sure it won't be back we want to help you get your structure back in order.  During the inspection process our technicians will be looking for areas of damage and then work with you on the best solution for repairing that damage. Our technicians can clean animal entryways, spot possible hazards, repair holes in walls, replace broken screening and fix any other damage done by unwanted wildlife.

Damage Repair Pricing
Initial Inspection .................. $85.00*
Hourly Rate ........... $60.00/technician
Materials ................ varies per project


*Additional Mileage fee may apply

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