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Golf Course Services 
Initial Inspection .................. $85.00*
Return Visits ........................ $35.00*
Hourly Rate ........... $60.00/technician
Materials ................ varies per project

*Additional Mileage fee may apply

Golf Course Solutions

With lots of grass and landscaping available alongside water the many golf courses near Joplin, Carthage and Neosho are ideal habitats for Southwest Missouri wildlife.  With their lush turf enticing animals to search for insects, plentiful trees for shelter and bodies of water, they are naturally irresistible to a many Southwest Missouri species. Common nuisances to golf courses include skunks, raccoons, opossums, beaver, muskrats, armadillos and groundhogs, to name a few. Nuisance wildlife can make golf course management difficult for superintendents and groundskeepers, as well as negatively impact a player’s experience.


Groundskeepers know how hard it is to keep greens and fairways in great condition. With no real animal control program in place eventually the animal population will get out of hand. Then fixing the problem suddenly becomes a very big project. Hiring a professional is often times the difference between effectively managing wildlife and being outsmarted at every turn. Wildlife laws change frequently and some common methods that were used in the past to control some nuisance animals are now illegal. A professional will be current on all wildlife laws and regulations to make sure you are solving your problems correctly. 


Raccoons, opossums, armadillos, groundhogs, and skunks are the greatest threats to the health and well-being of your course's turf and grasses. As these animals search for food, they will inevitably tear up grass, turf, and landscaping. Your landscaping isn't the only thing at stake when nuisance animals move in. Aquatic animals like beaver and muskrat build bank-side dens that erode soil, promote flooding, lead to damaged irrigation equipment, and even cause the ground to collapse when equipment or carts drive over it!


Our technicians are trained and understand armadillos, raccoons, opossums, beavers, squirrels, pocket gophers, moles and other destructive wildlife and will develop an effective solution to your wildlife damage problems.


Species that most commonly become a nuisance on the golf course can include skunks, raccoons, opossums, beaver, muskrats, armadillos, groundhogs, coyotes, and others.

  • Skunks tear up the turf in search of grubs and other insects, and also take shelter under buildings and walkways, leaving large holes and often times spraying which results in buildings and grounds smelling foul for several weeks.

  • Armadillos are “diggers” they spend much of their time in search of grubs and insects just under the surface of the turf leaving trenches behind.

  • Raccoons also do major damage to turf, tearing up large areas in search of food.  They also overturn garbage receptacles and invade buildings, often destroying roofs and outer structures to obtain entry into attics.

  • Opossums also destroy turf in search of insects, and dig holes under buildings.  They are the most common animal to die under buildings and other areas where they can be "smelled" but not seen.

  • Beaver take up habitation in ponds, lakes, and streams.  The most obvious damage from beavers is their chewing and felling of trees.  They also dam up creeks, and storm drains, causing flooding. Beavers often build bank dens, causing the collapse of earth along the waters edge.

  • Muskrats take up residence in ponds and lakes, building bank side dens as well, causing the banks to erode and cave in, especially when lawn equipment, golf carts, etc, are driven across them.  Muskrats also like to chew on irrigation lines and fountain heads.

  • Groundhogs like to eat ornamental flowers and shrubs, destroying landscaping and vegetation.  They also dig large burrows under buildings and hillsides.

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