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Wildlife enriches our lives in many ways, but sometimes animals can cause property damage or become a nuisance. Fortunately, you can resolve the majority of these conflicts on your property. Our technicians will help you determine the best way to deter, exclude, or capture damage-causing wildlife. Many human-wildlife conflicts can be resolved through habitat modification, deterrence or exclusion methods. These options do not involve the capture of the problem animal, but rather cause the animal to alter their habits. Although these methods can initially cost more than a removal, they tend to be a long term resolution to the conflict. Our technicians can walk you through all of the options from exclusion to capture and removal and help you determine the best course of action.

Unkown Smells, Noises, Scratches or Droppings?


You know when an unwanted animal is present, even if you haven't seen the animal. Unknown smells, droppings, noises, scratches and scurrying sounds heard around the property are indicators of wildlife presence. These nuisance animals are most likely causing damage to your property. Often the pests are dangerous disease-carrying rodents. The first step in resolving the conflict is to identify what species is causing the problem.  Our technicians will identify the animal as well as its entryway to your property. We'll quickly and effectively determine the proper course of action and then perform the removal, exclusion and repair to prevent the problem animal from returning to endanger you or cause additional damage to your property.
Wildlife Removal
Wildlife Control, Trapping and Removal


Human - Wildlife conflicts are bound to happen and with it there is a risk of property damage, disturbance of peace and health risks to you and your family. When this happens  you want a quick and effective resolution. If capture and removal is determined to be the best method to resolve your conflict, there are a number of removal options. However, most people lack the special skill and experience needed to properly remove a problem animal. There are also many state and local regulations related to the proper removal of wildlife. Whether your situation calls for a foothold, snare, cage or body gripping trap, our technicians are experienced in a variety of situations. Once the target animal is trapped they can secure the area to prevent unwanted intrusions in the future (see Wildlife Exclusion).  For more about capture and removal click here.
Wildlife Exclusion
Removal is only half of the job.


Simply performing animal removal doesn't solve most nuisance problems completely. Your property is still exposed! The animal's point of entry, and other areas you may not even be aware of, leaves you vulnerable to another intrusion. Our technicians will identify animal entryways and perform Animal Exclusion by constructing barriers which are built to last. It only takes one wild animal to wreak a lot of havoc on your  home! Secure your property with animal exclusion barriers and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage (see Damage Repairs). For more about our exclusion services click here
Wildlife Damage Repair
Finishing the Job


Wildlife can damage your property in dangerous and expensive ways. Rats can chew through your electrical wires and create a potential fire hazard. Raccoons can remove weak screening and become unwanted guests in your home. Bats can fly into your attic and make it unsafe and unsanitary with their bat guano (droppings). Did we mention rats and raccoons leave droppings, too? Our technicians can clean animal entryways, spot possible hazards, repair holes in walls, replace broken screening and fix any other damage done by unwanted wildlife. For more details about our damage repair services click here

Predator Control
Targeted Wildlife Management Programs


The topic of predator control has become an important consideration for farmers, ranchers and property managers.  The impact of an unmanaged predator population varies from location to location, in some cases the natural order takes care of the problem, however sometimes predators become a serious problem.  Ongoing loss of livestock  to predators is something that farmers and ranchers can not afford.  Similarily the ongoing pressure predators can put on other wildlife such as deer, turkey, quail and other small game can be a concern for property managers and sportsman.  Our technicians can help you determine a long term approach to managing the predator population of your property. For more information about our predator control services click here.
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