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Increase In Rabies Cases

Kansas State University laboratory released a report this week stating it is seeing an increase in rabies cases so far this year. The university’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory says it had verified 28 positive cases of rabies from January through March, compared with only 10 cases during the same period last year.

Rolan Davis, a diagnostician at the lab, says 23 of the 28 cases were found in skunks. Three others were found in cats, one in a bovine and one in a fox. Researchers say bats can also pose a problem with rabies in the area.

Pet owners should be aware of the increase and take steps to keep their pets safe.

If you have skunks or other wildlife hanging around your yard, do not apporach them and keep your pets away. You should always rely on a professional when dealing with wildlife conflicts in and around your home.

For more about rabies you can visit the website.