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What's that smell....

The number of skunk removal requests in Joplin, Carthage, Neosho and surrounding southwest Missouri communities always increases about this time of year. That's because February through March is mating season for striped skunks in southwest Missouri and during this time their signature smell becomes more common.

Skunks spray as a defense mechanism, as many pets have experienced. But, skunks also spray each other when competing for a mate or when not interested to courting attempts. Theses interactions during mating season often result in skunks spraying under a house or porch where they have taken up residence. Skunk spray under a home is not a pleasant experience, as many of our customers will tell you. If you suspect a skunk is living under your house or porch it is always best to have them removed by a professional before there is a spray incident.

Skunks are gentle, non-aggressive creatures which do not spray other species unless thoroughly provoked. Spraying only comes as a last resort, if you encounter a skunk in your yard give them plenty of space and most times they will just keep on moving. However, there are times that skunks decide to take up residence in your crawlspace or under your porch or a backyard shed. If a skunk has decided to move in it's time to call a professional.

To learn more about skunks visit our page all about skunks.

If you are experiencing a conflict with a skunk let us help you find a solution.