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Good Snake vs. Bad Snake

We have seen an increase in calls about snake removal in Joplin, Carthage, Neosho and surrounding areas over the past couple of weeks. Most of the time the caller is most concerned about whether or not the snake they have is venomous. So we decided to post a link to a resource that would help you with identifying the snakes in your backyard.

View the Snake Identification Field Guide

Here a Speckled King Snake is eating a Copperhead snake. Copperheads are a venomous snake that is common in Southwest Missouri. More people in Southwest Missouri get bit by a Copperhead than any other species of venomous snake, not because they are particularly aggressive, but because they tend to "freeze" when approached rather than fleeing to hide like most other species of snake. As a result of their excellent camouflage and their tendency to "freeze" people often step on Copperhead and then get bit. King snakes on the other hand are not venomous and pose little to no threat to humans or pets. They do however eat other snakes including the venomous species, so if you see a Speckled King Snake, thank it for keeping your yard a little safer and send it on it's way to do whatever snakes do.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Marion County Extension